I Purchased “Complete Guide to the TOPIK”


I didn’t know this when I ordered the book from honto.jp but it’s actually  Japanese translation of “Complete Guide to the TOPIK (Advanced)”. Hangukdrama wrote a review of the Basic Level here. The structure of the advanced level book is completely the same as the basic level. So just read Hangukdrama’s blog for review because I’m too lazy to write one. ;P

Table of Contents

Audio CD for TOPIK mock tests

It looks like a large-print book. The fonts are huge.

Recently I browsed the internet for “TOPIK tips” and found Satish at TOPIK GUIDE claimed that:

You don’t need any GUIDE BOOK to prepare for the TOPIK.

I think he is right because I know an Indonesian friend who took the highest level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test without any preparation at all but he passed the test anyway. I think he could do it because he was already fluent, and he had been using Japanese for years in his daily life.

But that’s not the case with me and my Korean. I need a guide book to teach myself the tricks and tips to pass the test. Even if I don’t pass the test, the information in the guide book is still valuable to me because I’m still figuring out how to teach myself high level grammar.

I love the book from the first page:

수술은 사람의 생명을 다루는 일이라(             ) 잘못하면 치명적인 실수를 하게 된다.

① 애써

② 설마

➌ 자칮

④ 못내

The translation on the last page of the chapter:

手術は人の生命を扱うことなので、(    ) 間違えれば致命的な失敗をすることになる。



➌万が一 (正解)


(*I suspect only the Japanese version has complete translation of the questions but I’m not sure.)

And this is the explanation on the bottom of the page:

자칫 잘못하면 (=’if things go wrong’ or まかり間違えば in Japanese) is often tested on TOPIK Advanced level.

I was thinking, hey, I didn’t know that! Awesome!

To me, reading the grammar explanation in the guide book is as exciting as spending time poring over Lee Hong Gi’s tweets.

With explanation on question types (patterns), sample questions for every type of problems, grammar explanation, tips to get the right answers, audio CD for listening practice, and 2 mock TOPIK tests, these TOPIK guide books are great study tools for self-learners. (OK, I just mean me.)

I’m going to stop learning from other books, and focus on this book for a while.


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