My Korean Learning Routine

I learn Korean for fun, and every day, I study Korean when I eat. ^^

I get up in the morning, at 4 o’clock or even earlier. I’m not sick or anything,  the days start early in Indonesia. When I was a child, school started at 6.

So every morning, I get excited, thinking,”Awesome, I’m still alive today, and I get to learn Korean. Yaaay!” and then I study from a phrasebook, or online material, or a rap song, or whatever, while eating my breakfast.

In the afternoon, I study Korean again, while eating lunch.

While having dinner, I watch KBS World. I think it counts as learning Korean. Why not? Everything counts as learning.

And then, at night, I hit the books to learn Korean before I go to bed around 9 or 10. What amazes me is that  studying Korean makes me forget all the annoying things that happen during the day. And that ends my day.

Oh, and I listen to K-Pop songs even when I’m not studying. It counts as learning, too because I can catch lots of words from song lyrics now.

I memorize about 50 new words every day (my Anki says so).

I still forget words that I learned, though, even with Anki and Quizlet. But I never panic or get frustrated or overwhelmed, because I’m not under pressure. I just learn the forgotten words again. No biggie.

My NEW Asus laptop ( ♥ᴗ♥ )

Stuff I use to study Korean:
1. learning material of my choice (books, CD, online articles, etc.)
2. my laptop (for Anki, dictionaries, Lang-8, FLTR, etc.)
3. a marker pen to highlight words
4. a headset.

I don’t use a pen and paper to write hangeul because I have no need to. I don’t do drills because I hate them. And I don’t bother to finish any book, if I get bored, I move on to something else. For me, learning continuously and keeping my interest are more important. I see no point in making myself sick of studying, only to follow a step-by-step curriculum made by some strangers.

For the time being, I’ve decided to stick to Complete Guide to TOPIK (Advanced) book until I finish it. So far I’m loving it. (Just finished page 28, about 200 more to go). But I might change my mind in a couple of days. And it’s OK, too because I’m self-learning. No one is going to come and punish me.

I can feel that my Korean is improving every single day. I feel so proud of myself and always look forward to my next “study time”.

Self-directed learning is just great. I just love the freedom to learn in any ways that I see fit.  My way fits me great.