First Korean Essay Book

Look what the deliveryman brought me today!

The book title is 못 가본 길이 더 아름답다 (or “the road you couldn’t take is more beautiful”). It’s an essay compilation book written by Ms. 박완서, a famous female writer who passed away from cancer last year.

I know almost nothing about her, actually. I just searched for the keywords 현대문학 (=modern literature) and 에세이(=essay) at YES24 and the store’s search engine lead me to the book.

I bought this book for Rp 120,000 at YES24Indonesia but now they have jacked up the prices of all the imported books. Has rupiah gone weaker against won or something? The book arrived after 2 weeks and 3 days, which is not bad.

Anyway, it’s the first time I read a Korean book for adult without Japanese translation, so I’m excited and worried at the same time, whether I will be able to understand everything.

I’ve just finished reading the introduction part.

My first impression? Mixed feelings. I’m a little relieved because the sentences in the foreword were not as difficult as I had imagined, and a little disappointed because I didn’t find difficult (TOPIK 고급) grammar at all but then I’ve only just begun. I give myself 30 more days to finish the book.

So Anki says that I have 26 new cards, which means that I’ve just learned 13 new words. I’ll review my cards later at night.

Oh, and for the book Complete Guide to the TOPIK (Advanced), I’m on page 50.