DVDHeaven Review

스티 씨의 목소리 너무 좋아서 매일 듣고 있어요☆

I started learning Korean last year because I got addicted to K-Pop so it just doesn’t make any sense to me why some people would advice beginners not to start learning Korean from K-Pop songs. From day 1, I have been learning and noticing a lot of things about the language by reading song lyrics.

And I like shopping for K-Pop CD. When I found about DVDHeaven, which offers K-Pop CD at prices cheaper than other online stores, I thought I just had to try them.

I wanted STi’s 3.5집 Make My Heart Flutter, BlockB’s 1집 Blockbuster, and some other CD. Even after shipping cost, DVDHeaven was the cheapest, so I ordered. But then I thought, it’s my first time ordering, what if they’re not reliable? So I thought of canceling but got confused at first because there are no “click here to cancel” button anywhere in sight. But then I read their FAQ, and it says, if you want to cancel, just don’t pay, and leave it like that because our system will delete it automatically after a week.

I ordered again, checked out, and send them an e-mail, asking whether my payment got through. They replied, no problem, here’s the tracking number.

My order arrived after 7 days. Wow, fast! I chose the cheapest shipping method, traceable international airmail shipment or something like that. *I live in Indonesia.

I found a folded Super Junior poster in my package, apparently it’s a free gift.

모두 다 잘생겼어요♥

They used a lot of bubble sheet to fill the box, but they didn’t put any bubble sheet between the two CD, and it was fatal, because my STi’s CD case cracked a little.


Maybe next time when I order, I’ll ask them to wrap the CD more carefully.

Block B’s Blockbuster

In conclusion:
Yes, I will order again from DVDHeaven. I feel that I can trust them because they replied my e-mail promptly. They sell goods at the cheapest price. All their shipping options are traceable. Sometimes they even give you free poster. But I will ask them to put bubble sheet between the CD.

It’s just my personal experience. If you have problems with DVDHeaven, please ask them, don’t ask me because I can’t help.