How to Practice Writing Hangul

So, there’s writing section on TOPIK test.

You see, I never write hangul letters with my hand at all. I type. And I cheat, by the way. I use Google Japanese Input so I can type hangul with the usual QWERTY layout. With my 10 fingers. Faster that way.

Japanese language is my forte, anyway. I will never type anything without Google Japanese Input. And at my age, it’s safe to say, I will never work at a company, let alone a company in South Korea, so I will never… ever… have to memorize hangul keyboard layout, thank you very much.

But now I have to write hangul with my hand for TOPIK test. So I thought, why not learn how to do it right? The Japanese have a book genre called ペン字練習帳 (exercise notebook for beautiful pen handwriting), so maybe the Koreans do, too.

And I was right. I searched for books to train myself to write pretty hangul, and I found this book on Daum Book:

한글 예쁜 손글씨 쓰기 9800 won

You can see some sample pages there if you’re interested.

I’m not Korean, so I don’t know, but do you think this is cute?

Sample Page of 한글 예쁜 손글씨 쓰기

Looks like children’s handwriting to me. *confused*

The book is not that expensive, and I can get it at Yes24Indonesia but I have a whole bunch of other books that I really want on my wish list so this time I’ll pass.

This is what I do, instead.
1. Download and install free hangul font to imitate. Some nice ones are available on Google Web Fonts.
2. Make my own hangul practice sheet with Microsoft Excel. I use Nanum Pen Script for font.


3. Print it out and dedicate 5 minutes every day to practice writing hangul.

Make sure your worksheet fits on A4 paper.

OK, that’s all. 안녕~


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