Korean Vocabulary & Grammar Practice for Foreigners

I’m trying to teach myself advanced Korean to prepare for TOPIK so I was grateful that I found these 2 books:
Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners  (Advanced, English Version) ISBN: 9788971419618 ₩25,000
Korean Grammar Practice for Foreigners  (Advanced, English Version) ISBN: 9788971419656 ₩20,000.

I bought them from Seoul Selection (it’s a reliable online Korean store, go try it, and if you experience trouble, you can make inquiry in English to this address: fran@seoulselection.com).

What’s great about them is these textbooks have English explanation which is rare for books written for advanced learners. I like that I can check my understanding, and that I don’t have to do any guessing. Because, you know, sometimes you know all the Korean words, but you just can’t fully grasp the meaning of the whole sentence. And then, when you read the translation in English,  you finally get it. You know what I mean, right?

Korean Grammar & Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners

There are also books for Basic and Intermediate Level. And all the books are also available in Japanese version.

Every unit ends with a short exercise section, and the last 1/3 of the each book is a chapter for practice questions. The titles say “Practice” so they’re essentially exercise books. I think the answer key and the index pages will be helpful for my self-study. Inside the Book

Yesterday I finally finished reading the books for the first time.

‘The first time’, because all I did was skim through the pages quickly, and wrote Japanese translation of every word and grammar points. (I’m learning Korean through Japanese).

A little sample of my notes:

-겠거니 하다 = するだろうと思い
-기 그지없다 = 極まりない、非常に
-기 나름이다 =   次第だ
-기 십상이다 =   になるだろう
-기 일쑤이다 =   しばしばだ

I haven’t tried to memorize anything, I skipped all the difficult words, didn’t do any of the exercise, and I feel like I remember nothing, so I will have to read them again.

I bought the books in December, so it took me about a month to do just that. Then, how long will it take to read the books for the second time, but thoroughly this time? I don’t think I will make it for TOPIK this April. Oh well, I’ll just take the next one, when I’m ready.

I wrote a review of one of these books: [Korean Textbook Review] Korean Grammar Practice for Foreigners – Advanced Level – English Version


11 thoughts on “Korean Vocabulary & Grammar Practice for Foreigners

  1. These look really helpful ^^ I think I will get the Intermediate level books ~!! Then it won’t be too difficult XD

    And yeah I know what you mean about getting the words but not the sentence I feel like that a lot hehe!!!!!


    • I know! And when that happens, most of the time I’m just too lazy to even post my question on Lang8. When I finish the advanced books, I think I will get the intermediate level books, too. From what I see on Hangul Park’s website, the intermediate ones don’t look easy at all. 힘 내자!


    • If I have to choose between reading grammar explanation in Korean, or in English, I’ll choose the one in English in a heartbeat. I want to be able use the grammar points as soon as I can, it doesn’t matter in what language I understand them.


  2. I thought I’m the only odd ball who sometimes understands all words and grammar used in one big sentence but still not understanding it. I feel so frustrated every time it happens.


  3. hello . i learn Korean language but i dont have a helpfully book and another hand i cant buy this book because i;m another country which it’s cant post to me . if you have pdf form this book [YONSEI] KOREAN VOCABULARY PRACTICE FOR FOREIGNERS can u sent to me?! tnQ


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