DVDs are Very Cheap in Indonesia

Full Script of "He's Beautiful"

Full script and Japanese translation of “He’s Beautiful”. I’m learning Korean with this book.

I didn’t know that non-pirated DVDs were so cheap in Indonesia.

I bought the DVD set of Korean drama “He’s Beautiful” (미남이시네요) for only Rp 150,000 at a music store, while the imported edition is available on YES24Indonesia for Rp 1,425,600. I can’t afford the imported one so I don’t know how they are different, but for the Indonesia edition, the packaging does look its price. I don’t mind, though.

He's Beautiful

Indonesia edition of “He’s Beautiful”

The subtitle options are English and Indonesian (I had hoped for Korean subtitle, but there was none).

I also bought the Japanese remake version: “Ikemen Desu Ne”. (I love this remake drama so much that I’ve watched it, like, 10 times or more). It was even cheaper, Rp 50,000, 50% off of the original price Rp 100,000.

DVD of Ikemen Desu Ne

DVD of ”Ikemen Desu Ne”

The funny thing about the “Ikemen Desu Ne” DVD is, the episodes are obviously taken from TV broadcasts because from time to time, you can see tsunami and earthquake warning appears on the screen.

미남이시네요 and 美男ですね

[DVD] 美男이시네요 and 美男ですね

The drama script book was not a bonus of the DVD, I bought it separately from CDJapan, an online store based in Japan (ISBN:978-4-87376-398-9). Wrote about it here. Sorry for causing the misunderstanding. (Thanks for pointing out this to me, Kay!)


DVDs are Very Cheap in Indonesia”에 대한 3개의 생각

  1. Wow! That is really really cheap 😄 but I like the script book that it comes with I wonder if the imported ones have the script books too?!! I should buy one to find out but here there are no K-Pop stores so I have to buy then online sadly 😦


    • Oops… did I imply that the book comes with the DVD? It doesn’t. Sorry. I bought it separately from a Japanese online store. I don’t think the Korean edition comes with scenario book, though. From your blog, I think you know where to download drama scripts?


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