Next Time I’ll Use EMS

22 days ago I ordered 3 Japanese books for learning Korean on Honto, but my order hasn’t arrived yet.

I chose “airmail” for shipping because it was cheaper and I had never had any problem with it, my order usually arrived on day 14. But not this time. I don’t know what went wrong. I mean, I kept my order under US$50, so import taxes shouldn’t be a problem.

Today I e-mailed Honto to ask about those books, and the customer service replied that I should just wait because they sent the package as “printed matter” so they didn’t have tracking number for it. The e-mail also mentioned about some problems that could happen with the local postal service in Indonesia, but the bottom line is I can only wait.

I went online to find some consolation, and guess what, problems like this are common with Indonesian postal service. It seems that whether I’ll get my package or not… is going to depend on my luck *sigh*.

Next time I will choose EMS for shipping.

Anyway, these are the books that I’m still waiting to arrive:

3 Patterns Korean Conversation

今井 久美雄 (著)

Korean One Minute A Day

毎日1分ひと言韓国語 単語を入れ替えるだけで、どんどん話せる!
石田 美智代 (著)

Simple Korean Phrases for Travel and Daily Life

これだけで通じる!韓国語会話便利帳 日常生活・旅行に役立つかんたんフレーズ
鄭 惠賢 (著)

They’re all phrasebooks.

So I guess I’m more into memorizing Korean sentences from phrasebooks than making my own Korean sentences from scratch.

I actually already have some Korean phrasebooks that I use a lot but I just keep buying more. And I still have some other Korean phrasebooks on my wish list on Amazon Japan and Honto.

6000 Korean Expressions for Daily Life. I want this!

What can I say, I just love learning Korean from phrasebooks.

Anyway, I hope my phrasebooks from Honto will arrive soon. ###

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