I Bought New Books on Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan is super fast. My books arrived at my doorstep after 3 days of ordering. The shipping fee is expensive (via DHL), though, about twice more expensive than I usually pay at other online Japanese bookstores (via post).

I bought a Korean phrasebook and a magazine for Korean language learners, written in Japanese.

The magazine is 韓国語ジャーナル (Korean Journal) Spring 2013 edition.

Oh, look, it’s K. Will.韓国語ジャーナル

It’s the last issue of the magazine. They decided to end the publication, maybe it was not profitable enough for the company. Too bad, it’s a very good magazine for intermediate to advanced learners. I wanted this magazine because it comes with a bonus: a booklet of 88 Korean slang words used in daily life. (I memorized them all in one sitting.)

The other contents (columns) are great, too. Dialog from Korean drama (작도의 남자), writing advice, interviews in Korean, news, common mistakes on grammar, pronunciation training, reading Korean folktale, etc. And it comes with an audio CD.

Amazing. 끝내줘요!

Inside the magazine

I’m so excited that I will learn so much from this magazine.

And here is the phrasebook.
It contains 2200 mini phrase that you can use immediately for conversation, says the book. It comes with 2 audio CD, in Korean only. I’m going to use it for shadowing and listening practice. ###

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