Korean-Related Stuff I Bought This Week

BB Cream

I bought a tube of Korean BB cream, “Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit” from Etude House for my mom. She was happy because it was expensive. Since I’m not the one who’s using it, I can’t review it for you. And I don’t know how this BB cream is different from other liquid foundation my mother has been using. She’s always beautiful, anyway.
(When I was a child, I wondered why my friends’ moms were not as beautiful as her.)

Korean BooksI also bought a Korean phrasebook “Korean at a Glance” (Rp 110,000) at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Jakarta. Korean at a GlanceI’m a sucker for phrase books. I just need to have them all.

The book was OK, I guess (see preview on Google Books). I’m not sure whether you will find it useful or not if you have zero knowledge on the language. I like that it contains a lot of cultural information on Korea that I didn’t find in other phrase books. Too bad it doesn’t come with audio CD.

↓ I never use these textbooks to learn Korean, but I just took a picture because I just enjoy looking at language textbooks. ###

Korean Books

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