If you like watching Korean variety shows like me, you must know this song Cutie Player (gwiyomi peullei-eo 귀요미 플레이어), which idols sing to show their “aegyo” (애교=cuteness, 愛嬌).

It’s said that Ilhoon of BTOB started this trend, but I don’t know for sure. Most idols stop at 6+6, but in the video below, Ilhoon teaches how to sing it till 8+8.

일 더하기 일은 귀요미
il deohagi ireun gwiyomi

이 더하기 이는 귀요미
i deohagi i-neun gwiyomi

삼 더하기 삼은 귀요미
sam deohagi sam-eun gwiyomi

사 더하기 사는 귀요미
sa deohagi saneun gwiyomi

오 더하기 오는 귀요미
o deohagi oneun gwiyomi

육 더하기 육은 귀요미
yug deohagi yug-eun gwiyomi

칠 더하기 칠은 귀요미
chil deohagi chir-eun gwiyomi

팔 더하기 팔은 귀요미
pal deohagi par-eun gwiyomi

There’s even a Japanese version by BTOB also, but it’s just awkward. ###

Cutie Player (귀요미 플레이어)

Cutie Player (귀요미 플레이어)”에 대한 2개의 생각

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