Read “Korean Grammar for Foreigners” Online

I searched “Korean grammar” on Quora and found this page (What is the best textbook for Korean grammar?). Go read it.

From the page, I found these links:
외국인을 위한 한국어 문법1
외국인을 위한 한국어 문법2
which are the online version of probably the most complete and comprehensive Korean grammar books for foreigners out there, but they are completely in Korean *cringe. Actually, I find the online version very hard to read. If I want to use the books I probably will buy them in hard copy.

So I find that the books are available on Yes24Indonesia (this store is for people living in Indonesia only).
외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 1 Rp 598,500
외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 2 Rp 769,500

Gasp. Too expensive. I don’t think I will buy them.

Actually I don’t think I can make good use of them, because, I already own a copy of “외국어로서의 한국어 문법 사전” (Rp 389,880 on Yes24Indonesia) which is also written entirely in Korean and even after 2 years of learning Korean on my own, I can only read each sentence very slowly and I always doubt whether I understand it correctly. So understanding the grammar explanation in Korean is hard (for me), memorizing it is even harder. But it wasn’t a complete waste of money, because I read the book for its sample sentences. So I read the grammar explanation somewhere else, in a language I can understand better (Japanese) and then I find for more of the usage in the book.

If I’ll ever spend money on another grammar dictionary, I think I’ll get the Japanese translation of “외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 2” for ¥ 6,510 on Amazon Japan (the Japanese title is 標準韓国語文法辞典). But it’s also very expensive so… maybe later. Or maybe I don’t need it. I don’t know. 생각해 볼게요. (=I’ll think about it.) ###


10 thoughts on “Read “Korean Grammar for Foreigners” Online

  1. I’m not sure how many Rps. is in US$ but the books look like they could be worth the money! 🙂 when I figure out how much they are maybe I will get them because I just saw the e-book version and even though its in complete Korean I think I can handle it nowadays (my Korean reading and understanding has drastically improved for the better) so it might be a needed one 🙂 thanks for sharing it with us 🙂


  2. I have the book 외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 1 and I am so disappointed because it is a little bit dry and boring.
    외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 2 seems more interesting, but the explanation is completely in Korean =.= I would rather the grammar book has English translation so that I can learn the equivalent english phrase.

    p/s: Thank you so much for the e-books ^^


    • Oh really? That’s good to know, thanks. Now I want the Japanese translation even more because it’s the book no. 2 translated into Japanese.That’s true for me too, I like comparing how English sentences are different than the Korean ones.


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