About Me Being Stuck on Intermediate Level

Yesterday, my editor told me that one of the Japanese books I translated had become a bestseller. I -and most of (or all?) book translators in Indonesia- don’t get royalty from the book I translate so it doesn’t mean I am getting more money, but regardless I am happy to hear the news.
He asked me to postpone translating the other 2 books I’m currently working on, to translate another book by the same author. I said fine, but I will need him to make a new written contract to change the deadline. Now I’m waiting for his e-mail so I can slack off and blog about learning Korean.

I’m having a hard time re-reading these 2 books from Yonsei University Publishing: Korean Grammar Practice for Foreigners (Advance) and Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners (Advance).

Korean Grammar & Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners

Re-reading? OK, that’s not true. I don’t even want to read them. I just can’t. I won’t even begin. I just stare at the cover for a few minutes and then I decide to read something else.

It’s April already, and I’ve been postponing reading the books since January, so I think maybe the books are too hard for me, maybe I might have to take a step back and read the books from the same series for Intermediate level instead.

I already read the advanced level books once, and I already know the grammar and vocabulary covered are not really necessary to comprehend K-pop, entertainment news, and anything in Korean that I like to enjoy.

Maybe I should start reading historical novels… but then I don’t enjoy reading them.

Anyway, I still have a lot of areas to improve, even on intermediate and even basic level.

I made an inquiry to YES24Indonesia about the Japanese edition of the intermediate books, but they ignore it. I guess it means they won’t sell the books at their store. Because I made another inquiry about the free poster of FT Island they failed to send me, and they replied within an hour that they run out of FT Island poster, but they would send 2 posters (of TEEN TOP and PSY) to make it up for me. *Happy.

So the choices left are Kyobo and Seoul Selection.

As for right now, I’m re-reading and re-listening 「今すぐ覚える音読韓国語」.

It’s basically a vocabulary book with CD. Every chapter contains a short monologue (which is actually a conversation with someone else who doesn’t show),  a list of words for the situation, and one sample sentence for each word. I’m surprised that now I can hear every syllable and I can understand the audio better than the first time. I guess my listening skill is improving after all. ###

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