I Purchased ”Korean Grammar for Foreign Learners” (Japanese Version)

Finally! I’ve been waiting for too long for this Korean grammar dictionary to arrive (Japanese translation of 외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 2 – 용법편). I ordered the book at Amazon Japan, and as usual they dispatched it right away. The trouble happened at DHL. For 3 days, my package just seem to be stuck at DHL Fukuoka, and not showing any sign that it will be delivered anywhere. So I contacted Amazon Japan, asking what my book was doing in Fukuoka for 3 days. I’ve been buying books at Amazon Japan for like 10 years now, it was the first time that I had to contact them. So I guess delivery problems do happen when shopping online. And it’s important that you can contact the customer service and speak their language. What if I had shopped at a Chinese e-store, I wouldn’t know what to do because I don’t speak Chinese. (But maybe they speak English? ^^)

(By the way, books I ordered at Honto Japan are still missing because I used non-trackable airmail. From now on I will only use trackable shipping.)

Korean Grammar Dictionary

It came with a box.

The price is over 50 dollars, so I had to pay customs and import tax. One thing I like about DHL is because they will take care of the taxes, and bill me later. If I use EMS, I will have to go by myself to the post office, and pay my import taxes there. I will have to use a taxi to get there, it’s troublesome for me, and taxi fare is not cheap. So I prefer DHL even though it means I have to pay more for fees charged by DHL.

The book price: 6,200 yen
Shipping fee: 2,200 yen
Total: 8,400 yen (about 85,5 dollar)

Duty & Taxes: IDR 68,000
Bank Charges: 50,000
Document Charge: 20,000
Duty Handling Charge: 50,000
VAT for Other Charges: 7,000
Total: 195,000 rupiah (about 20 dollars).

Inside the Dictionary

Finally, now I have the most comprehensive Korean grammar dictionary, written in a language I can understand. The two-way index is just great, so I can look for a grammar point in Korean and also in Japanese. The Japanese index is going to be very useful because I still think in Japanese and translate my thoughts into Korean.

I wish I had bought this Korean grammar dictionary, instead of the two that I bought when I started learning Korean in 2011, but it was first published recently, November 21, 2012. So I guess, 어쩔 수 없었죠, 뭐. (=Nothing I could do about it).

1055 pages, 1386 grammar rules (the translated version is slightly ‘improved’ than the original Korean version). This grammar dictionary and I will have a very happy life together. ###


3 thoughts on “I Purchased ”Korean Grammar for Foreign Learners” (Japanese Version)

  1. This Korean dictionary looks great! And it’s by アルク! I love the dictionaries by アルク~ Will you be doing a review for this? Am looking forward to hearing you talk more about it. ^^


    • I like アルク, too! They’re really great publisher for language textbooks. And I use their online dictionary a lot to do my job (translating). Really? I’ll blog about my review, then, but I’ll have to use it for a couple more days… or months. ww ^^


  2. I have searched for this book with an English translation but without luck. Have you ever heard of an English version being published? It seems like there are some great Korean learning materials available in Japanese and Chinese, but not English. (envy… )


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