Samsung Galaxy Y for My Mom

Yesterday I bought a new smartphone for my mother, Samsung Galaxy Y. She was so happy she even said thank you.

Even though she knew it was the cheapest one in the store.

Samsung Galaxy Y 949,000 rupiah

Samsung Galaxy Y, Bonus Memory 2GB, Rp 949,000

The Samsung store was having a cash-back promotion, so it cost me 924,000 rupiah (about 95 dollars).

Wait, there’s a Korean word for “a good daughter”, it’s “hyonyeo” 효녀. A “good son” is “hyoja” 효자. And the word for “do things to make your parents happy” is “hyodohada” 효도하다.

Most Indonesians don’t know this, but Samsung is actually pronounced 삼성 “samseong“, not “samsung“. I actually found out because I tried to learn Korean by translating Samsung Facebook status updates.

Samsung Box

The box.

I never own a smartphone myself.

Apparently this smartphone can do a lot of things, download games from Android Market, take pictures, videos, FM radio, play music, WiFi (for free internet at cafes?)… Interesting.

Cute. 귀여워요.

Cute. 귀여워요.

My mother is teaching herself to use her new smartphone. ###

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