“Your Indonesian is Very Good”

I’m a book translator.
But before I translated Japanese books, I used to translate documents at an office.
One time a Japanese co-worker said to me,”Your Indonesian is very good.”
I responded with a giggle at that time because I’m an Indonesian, of course I’m good at my native language.
당연하죠. (=It’s only natural).
But actually I was happy to receive her compliment. Aren’t the Japanese quick to compliment? I like that about them.

Anyway, recently a friend, who works as an internist (wait, how do you say “internist” in Korean? Right, it’s 내과 의사), said to me that he read one of the books I translated (because I gave it to him ㅋㅋㅋ), and he liked it. He said he liked my style, that the sentences didn’t feel awkward like other translated books in general.

He talked about this book ↓

Terapi Enzim
Terapi Enzim by Hiromi Shinya (Gramedia Pustaka Utama).
Original title: 病気にならない生き方2 実践編
新谷弘実 著

There were a lot of medical terms in the book. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to translate them well. But getting a compliment from a real doctor made me relieved.

My biggest fear when translating a book is that I might “kill” the book. This time I didn’t. 다핸입니다. (=What a relief).

I know that no one who reads this little blog would care
but the book that I translated is available on YES24Indonesia at discounted price.
(I can recommend this e-store, which is a branch of a Korean e-store, YES24, because they’re reliable and they won’t steal your money.)

And, look, I found the Korean version on YES24:
병 안 걸리고 사는 법 2 실천편
신야 히로미 저/이근아 역.

So that’s how the title is translated in Korean.
재미있네요. (=Interesting.) ###

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