Look What I’ve Got from twoChois!



Last week, I got a message from a Korean web store I had never heard about, asking me would I be interested in reviewing a Korean book of my choice, any book they had at the store, and they would give me that book for free. I was hesitant to accept the offer. I thought, it sounded too good to be true. Now, what did your mother say about receiving stuff from strangers? A big no-no, right?

I refused right away. But they insisted. So I checked their website, and I really like the Korean book selection on the site. If it were a scam scheme,  the website wouldn’t be so tidy and pretty, right? I actually want to shop there!

I e-mailed them a couple of times, and they always replied promptly, which is great for an online store. So I gave them my mailing address and I received the package yesterday. Wow, I can’t believe they really sent me stuff for free, and it’s from Korea!

A gift from Korea!

A gift from Korea!

Let’s open the box!

Bubble wrapped.

The “TOPIK Grammar 150” book that I asked for. Bubble wrapped.

Plastic covered.

Plastic covered.

A beautiful postcard with a message on it. Hand-written. Wow. How thoughtful.

Hand-written message.

Hand-written message.

Is this Korean traditional painting? Pretty.

Is this Korean traditional painting? Pretty.

What’s this? A magazine? “10TEN Story” magazine? Wow! Kyaa…! I just ordered just the same one from another store! Ran to my laptop, canceled it. Done. Crisis averted. Phew.

B1A4 on the cover… (^^)

10TEN Story Magazine

10TEN Story Magazine

And a beautiful 18 K gold-plated bookmark. I love it!

twoChois 18 K gold-plated bookmark.

twoChois 18 K gold-plated bookmark.

There’s a hangul poetry written on it:
The sound of a wind-bell from afar.
It seems the wind has blown.

Happiness in a box.

Happiness in a box.

It’s just… too much. I’m so happy and grateful for their kindness. I’m sorry I had some doubt about the site.Thank you so much, twoChois. 대단히 감사합니다.

Check out their awesome website: http://twochois.com. ←Now you can buy ANYTHING you want from South Korea!
Read their introduction to their website on their blog: http://twochois.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/guest-post-for-korean-notebook/.
Like their Facebook page for updates about prizes and promotions: http://facebook.com/twochois

I’ll write a review for twoChois about the TOPIK Grammar 150 Intermediate book they’ve sent me when I finish reading it next month. 약속할게요. (=I promise!) ###


8 thoughts on “Look What I’ve Got from twoChois!

  1. wow, that’s quite cool~ you are lucky! I would consider buying that book from twochois after I read your book, but again I hope to reach intermediate level by that time (like in a month or 2 or 3 or…..lol)


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