Is Textbook Important?

The advanced Japanese textbook that I used at Japanese language school ↓

Advanced Japanese

I hated it. Maybe it was not that bad but it was very boring. The only reason I could make a fairly good use of it was because there were native teachers who made me do it, every page of the way. I wouldn’t be able to use the book if I were self-learning. But maybe you’d want to take a look so you’d know you don’t miss much by not going to language school. I saw one at Jakarta Kinokuniya bookstore.

I read on Quora someone said: choosing a textbook is so important that you might stop learning Korean altogether if you don’t get the “right textbook”.

I find that amusing. No. Textbooks don’t have that power. It’s YOU who gets to decide whether or not you should continue learning a language. Don’t like your Korean textbook you’re using now? Get another one. What’s the big deal? Come on, you’re not that powerless. Even if you don’t buy textbooks, there are lots of free resources on the internet. Just Google.

Just like I know from my own experience that “bad” textbooks didn’t stop me from learning Japanese, I don’t think choosing a textbook “wrongly” can stop you from learning Korean, either. You think you can not continue learning Korean with Yonsei University’s textbooks? That’s fine. Try books for self-learners from Darakwon!

*You can download mp3 files of Korean textbooks for free at Darakwon website, but you must use Internet Explorer and let the site install its own download software to do it.

Just don’t stop learning. That’s what matters. You’ll find your own unique way of learning Korean.

I want to buy books for learning Korean.

I want to buy books for learning Korean.

But I admit, choosing the “right” textbook for myself, is one of the many things that make learning Korean so much fun. It’s sort of an identity search. You’ll want a textbook that really suits you, the one that mirrors yourself back, the one you’re going to spend your life with… for a couple of weeks. And you’ll want value for your money, of course. ###

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  1. wow! You use Quora! Good! I hope everyone uses Quora on daily basis! I’m liking your blog. I am pleasantly surprised to know that you have 100K likes on facebook! That’s great! Keep it going! Good lick!


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