A Bad Korean Teacher



A girl on my Facebook page sent me a message, saying that she hated learning Korean now because her teacher was a temperamental man and impossible to deal with.

I replied, just fire your teacher, get a better one. What’s the big deal?

She said, I can’t, he’s my school teacher.


Look, Schoolgirl.

Even if your Korean teacher hates you, or you hate your teacher, he doesn’t “own” the knowledge. You don’t need his permission to learn Korean. You can learn on your own. It’s not like your Korean teacher hates you and then you can never master Korean. These two things are totally unrelated.

He probably can give you bad grades if he hates you, but you shouldn’t care about grades. Fluency in Korean is not about test grades. Who cares about grades if you can speak/read/do stuff in Korean?

Now, if only you have any idea… how many school teachers on my Facebook take offense just because I’m self learning Korean… Weird, I don’t even know them. And they don’t even teach Korean, for God’s sake. Why would they take offense?

Sometimes people can be so immature… tsk tsk…

Immature… Now look who’s talking, an over-30 ajumma who loves teen idols. Hahaha. (TEEN TOP 여러분! 사랑해요!)

Anyway, you got my point.

Teachers are not the only source of knowledge. You can learn Korean from books, online dictionaries, internet, movies, dramas, music, everything. There’s a whole world beyond those school walls, not only you and your Korean teacher.

Walls… and this is said by someone who learns Korean in her bedroom. Hahaha.

Don’t worry about your Korean teacher. He can’t stop you from learning. No one can! No one has the power to stop you except you. You’re learning Korean for yourself, right? I’m sure you don’t learn Korean to make your teacher happy? Just learn something new today! Or tomorrow, or whenever you want to. OK? Just don’t quit if you still want to master Korean!

Bye! 안녕! 뿅! ###


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