Learning Log 13/5/24

‐아/-어 가다/오다=~ていく、~てくる

‐아/-어 가다/오다=~ていく、~てくる

TOPIK Essential Grammar 150, Intermediate. Learned Unit 7 당연 (‐기 마련이다, -는 법이다), Unit 8 한정 (‐기만 하다, -을 뿐만아니다), Unit 9 나열 (-을 뿐만 아니라, -는 데다가, -기도 하다), Unit 10 상태, 지속 (-아/어 놓다, -은 채로). Actually a 복습 because I already learned about these grammars before.
Tomorrow will start at page 159, Grammar no. 51 ‐아/-어 가다/오다. Hmm… already knew this, too. Maybe I should read the one that I never learned before first, and the rest later. I’ll decide tomorrow. 졸려요. (=Sleepy). ###

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