Learning Korean is Just Memorization

Korean drama script.

Korean drama script

From time to time, I procrastinate learning Korean by watching polyglots’ YouTube videos and reading their blogs. Sometimes I don’t like their methods.

For example, “passive learning”. Have you heard of it? Now, can it be called “learning” at all if you don’t use your brain “actively” to think? By doing “passive learning”, I bet you don’t learn anything. Just like people who spent 5 years living in Korea and failed to master Korean.

But you can always experiment with methods. Have fun!

What’s the point of learning a foreign language if it’s not fun?

Find out what’s working and not working for you!

Learning Korean is exciting.

It’s difficult (relatively), it takes time, but it’s never boring.

And when you realize a method is not working for your advantage, just stop and switch to another one! Do something different! Don’t just sit around doing “passive learning” for 5 years!

Remember: lazy people get what they deserve. (→I need to stop blogsurfing and being lazy myself. ^^)

Learning Korean is nothing more than memorization of words and grammar rules. You can do it very well without a teacher with a teaching degree.

But learning a language is so much more than that! It’s about understanding culture, meeting people … yada yada yada.

No, it’s just 암기 (=memorization). “Ask a Korean” blog explained it better than I can.

Now go memorize something.

오늘도 즐거운 날 보내세요.###


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