Let’s Look At The Big Picture

Someone sent me a message, asking me for my advice about how to start learning Korean.

I spent a long time over this question -about 3 minutes-, and my eyes fell on my bookshelf.

Remember I told you yesterday that learning Korean is nothing more than memorizing words and grammar rules?


Here, this is a picture of a Korean dictionary.

Shogakukan Korean - Japanese Dictionary

Shogakukan Korean – Japanese Dictionary. This is totally useless for me. Naver online dictionary is better and faster. This expensive dictionary only serves as a reminder of how much money I’ve spent for this hobby so I will not stop learning before I achieve fluency.

In it, you can find all the words you’re going to need to memorize. Wait, no, not all words. There are still slang words, trendy words, that Koreans use every day but do not appear in this “standard” dictionary. You will have to memorize them, too.

And for grammar…

Here, this is a Korean grammar dictionary where you can find all the grammar rules you’ll need to speak perfect Korean. Just memorize everything and you’ll be fine.

ALC Korean Grammar Dictionary

Korean Grammar Dictionary (Japanese version). Read the online edition in Korean here. It’s really important to have grammar explanation in a language you can understand.

What? You can’t just ‘install’ everything written on these dictionaries into your brain? Because you’re not a supercomputer? You won’t even try? I see.

But at least you got the picture of how much amount of work you’re going to put into learning Korean, right?

Now, will you stop asking strangers to teach you Korean for free?

If you’re a beginner,  I would suggest you to go to a bookstore and buy a  textbook for beginners. (Browse for twoChois’ book selection: http://www.twochois.com/). Or borrow it. Or check this blog’s sidebar for free Korean lessons on the internet.

Oh, and podcasts are great. I recommend learning with podcasts or other audio courses for beginners. KBS World Korean Lessons and Talk To Me In Korean’s are free. Just listen and learn. Couldn’t get any easier.

“NHKまいにちハングル講座” is great if you understand Japanese.

OK then, I hope you learn something new today. 화이팅!

I really like B1A4’s new song “이게 무슨 일이야” (=What’s Going On) ↓

CD를 살까 말까 고민중이에요. (=Contemplating whether I should buy the CD or not.) f^^ ###


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