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I ordered 3 Korean phrasebooks at Honto in March. It’s June now and I haven’t received them. I think I know the problem. The problem is Honto always writes shipping fee on the box (for example ¥1500). So maybe, just maybe, the custom opened my box, found out that the total price of the books were not the same with the shipping fee on the box, and then the custom decided to not to send the package as a punishment.

So today, I sent an e-mail to Honto to ask them not to write the shipping fee on the box.

And, their answer is: we can do nothing about it, that’s just the way we do things around here. And use EMS next time.

Well, not as blunt as I made it to be. But that’s more or less what they were saying. Here, read for yourself.

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Great, so I lost 50 dollars over their policy, and they can’t do anything about it for my next order. What’s so hard about not writing shipping fee on the box? 말도 안돼요.

You might want to be careful about it if you order Japanese books with airmail from Honto. Use EMS for shipping, instead. Honto is not really bad, just not flexible.

PS: If you don’t speak Japanese but still want to buy Japanese stuff, try CDJapan, instead.###

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your experience in Honto. BTW, have you recieved your books already? Anyway, how do you send and e-mail inquiry to Honto? The thing is, I had two separate orders from them (all done in the same day and same account and info used). So I was just wondering if they would charge the shipping altogether or separately due to the separate purchase of books. : /


  2. Personally, I stopped to buy to cdjapan because wrapping material and protections looked like a bad joke and books were very damaged when they come here.

    About honto, normally every company writes shipping cost on parcel, so I feel like this story was a kind of custom abuse or maybe your parcel was simply lost during travel, I don’t know.

    I also had bad stories when I bought to foreign countries.


    • Ugh. Bad packaging. I really hate that when that happens. CDJapan is fine with me, though. Maybe because Japan is not very far from my country Indonesia. Other companies usually write: SHIPPING FEE, Honto didn’t. Maybe it has improved now(?) but I will never buy from Honto again.


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