Books I Bought from

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A package from twoChois!

A package from twoChois!


Bubblewrapped and each item is plastic wrapped separately.

Handwritten personal note.

Handwritten personal note.

Everything inside the box.

Everything inside the box.

The best place to shop for Korean stuff.

The best place to shop for Korean stuff.

I ordered 2 Korean textbooks and a Korean magazine from It only took 11 days for my order to arrive (from South Korea to Indonesia, registered airmail). Books I ordered were not available at the site, so I made a request so they would sell them for me to purchase.

ニュアンスで覚える韓国語 – 한국어 뉘앙스를 알면 일본어가 보인다
[Yonsei] Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners – Intermediate – Japanese Version
Bromide Magazine 2013.6 – No.86

As if I didn’t trouble them enough with my request, they sent me 2 free gifts:
High Cut tabloid (with U-know Yunho from TVXQ on the cover) and
a notebook with cute Hangul on the cover (올? What does 올 mean? I know the answer now. twoChois explained it to me).

I’m so happy!

A great shop with great service. Highly recommended. ###

Books I Bought from”에 대한 3개의 생각

    • Yes, twoChois is great. I like these series, too. I mean it’s from Yonsei! ^^ Actually I bought the Advanced one of the same series but I felt like trying to memorize from a dictionary, too hard and boring for me. But the Intermediate one seems interesting. Just like you said, the book gives all the related words and usage for easier memorization, now I think I can memorize many words using the book. I’ll try the Advanced level book again after I finish the Intermediate one.


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