Self Talk and Learning Korean

classroom 旧高畠高校 教室

classroom 旧高畠高校 教室 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other than read aloud Hangul, I also do a lot of self talk when studying Korean. Self talk helps me think.
And that’s why I study Korean alone in my bedroom. Because people will stare if I study at a Starbucks. (And I can’t afford a Rp 30,000 coffee.)

*Rp is rupiah, Indonesian currency.

If you have experience in teaching someone, you know this: you end up learning so much more than the person you’re trying to teach. Explaining a concept to someone else is the best way to learn it. That’s why I have a Facebook page to “teach” Korean.

But even though you don’t want to teach Korean to an audience, you can teach yourself, by doing self talk (in any language you’re comfortable with).

Self talk makes learning Korean fun for me and help me understand and retain more. I also give myself encouragement and compliments.

By the way, when I explain Korean to myself by “self talking”, I always do it in Japanese. Even though I also use Korean learning material in English or untranslated Korean material.

Like this:「あれ?これ難しいな。どうしても理解できない。う~ん、たぶんこの前買った参考書に載ってるかもよ。見てみようか。ほら、あったじゃん。うわ、聞き取れた!맛있는 것 사줄게って言ってたよ。「~다가」と「~았다가」、ぜんぜんちがう文法だってさ。ここよく見てごらん。よし、この調子で頑張るのよ!はい、勉強終了。」etc.

For a short time, I tried to have a Korean language teacher who speaks English and Indonesian but unfortunately the ”lessons” didn’t go well. I prefer to have a teacher who speaks Japanese. (By “a teacher”, I just mean me when I explain Korean to myself. I never hire a teacher).

Maybe someday I will be able to explain Korean entirely in Korean to myself. I wonder how many more years of learning Korean it will take. ###

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