Learning Log 13/6/12

꼴등 kkol-tteung = the worst student in class

꼴등 kkol-tteung = the last in rank, the worst student in class

I studied an 8-minute KBS radio drama today. Actually, I had this book for over a year but haven’t finished it. I stopped reading at episode 3 because it was too hard for me so I got bored. Today I read episode 4. Lots of interesting new words. I was surprised because I could hear every syllable. Last year I couldn’t. I think I’ve forgotten all new words from previous episodes. I should start from the beginning again. Or continue to episode 5. Or I’ll start reading the novel 엄마를 부탁해.

I’ll decide tomorrow.

That’s the beauty of self-directed learning. I can do whatever I want.

I had fun today, too. Looking forward for tomorrow’s “class”.

Sleepy… 잘 자요. (=Good night.). 내 꿈 꿔요. (=Dream about me.) ;P ###

Learning Log 13/6/12”에 대한 9개의 생각

  1. Yes.. it looks hard..구한말 시대..(I was a bit surprised.. haha)
    I found a Korean learning book with sitcom “거침없이 하이킥” in English. We would upload the book with preview soon(Hawoo is making it for us now ^^). It is much easier and the words in this book are very practical and we use those words almost everyday.


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