Memorize First, Understand Later

Irregular ConjugationMemorize first, understand later.

I posted this on Facebook:
“red”, the dictionary form is 빨갛다 [ppalgata], and the -yo form is 빨개요 [ppalgaeyo].

One person asked: I don’t get it, why?

I replied: oh you know, it’s irregular conjugation ㅎ: so with the stem form which ends with ㅎ, if the last vocal is ㅏ, it becomesㅐ. If the last vocal isㅑ, it becomesㅒ. If the last vocal isㅓ, it can beㅐ orㅔ, depending on the word. And if the last vocal isㅕ, it becomesㅖ. And you put the end -yo 요.

Understandably, that person replied: huh???

And I got to giggle. (^_^)

I think…

Just memorize that 빨갛다 becomes 빨개요. And if you need to understand why, just check the grammar section in your textbook. It’s all there.

Memorize first, understand later.

Do the effort to understand if you feel the need to understand. If you don’t, just skip the grammar explanation. Read it later, or not at all. It’s up to you. After all, you’re learning for yourself, so you can use the language for your own purpose, not to explain it to students in a classroom. ###


8 thoughts on “Memorize First, Understand Later

  1. Good ol’ irregularities. XD I get it though. It’s kinda like the single vowel becomes a double vowel as in 하다 —> 해요. I just know that sometimes words with ㅎ can get irregular and just take it as it is.

    Sometimes it takes multiple reads to understand grammar points especially if you’re self-studying. It’s all about having that one day where something makes sense and you go, “YES I GET IT! FINALLY!”


  2. I think that’s a good point even for things that are not a pure grammar question. Sometimes you come across an expression and don’t understand exactly why it is like that, but then at some later point you come to understand it either because you see it used in a different context or you see the grammar explained in a different way.


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