Four-Letter Compound Words (한자성어)


Can you solve it?

Finished the chapter about 한자성어 in “Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners” – Intermediate – Japanese version. There are only 20 of them. I crammed them all with the help of Anki, and I did the practice exercises at the end of the chapter to make sure I remember. The 한자 hanjja (Chinese character) are not provided in the book so I had to look them up in Naver Dictionary.
Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners

Knowledge of kanji really helps in memorizing Korean 4-letter idioms even though sometimes the idioms don’t exist in Japanese language, and sometimes the same 4-letter idiom has different meaning in Japanese.

In Japanese, 4-letter idioms are called “yo-ji-jukugo” (四字熟語) so 한자성어 is not new for me.


횡설수설… haha ^^ I found a misprint.

It might seem very complex to you if you’re a beginner, but like everything else in learning Korean (or Japanese), it’s merely memorization. ###

Four-Letter Compound Words (한자성어)”에 대한 2개의 생각

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