[twoChois] Liebster Award Nomination

twoChois has accepted my nomination for Liebster Award. 짝짝짝~ ###


안녕하세요- / Hello-

오늘 하루 어떻게 보내셨어요? / How was your day today?

Here in Seoul, 장마(rainy season) has started.

If you have a plan to visit Korea, please don’t forget to bring your umbrella with you. 🙂

Today, we are going to post on accepting “Liebster Award Nomination”.

Our wordpress blog was nominated by two bloggers( Korean Notebook and Korean Vitamin) for the Liebster Award. We were so honored to be nominated by them and we are now going to post on accepting(we actually accepted a long time ago..with ” 꺅~~~ (sound)” ㅎㅎㅎ). 🙂


What is the Liebster Award?
It’s an acknowledgement to new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers and it is passed between bloggers.

The meaning of the word ” Liebster” is “Sweetest, kindest and nicest” in German. (어머!!!! >_<)

Once againg thanks for nominating our blog. 🙂

The rules of receiving the award
1. List…

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