Etude House Makeup Demonstration

Today my family and I went to an ice skating rink in a shopping mall in Jakarta.

The shopping mall was having a promotional event for Etude House, a famous Korean cosmetic brand.
Etude House

There was a makeup demonstration by 3 female Korean makeup artists but it seemed that there wasn’t any interpreter on the stage so the demonstration was held in Indonesian only.

I didn’t buy any cosmetics at that time (I needed time to calm myself down because they were so expensive!) but I think I will buy something online. Maybe I’ll order Precious Mineral BB Compact Bright Fit SPF30/PA+++. Will it really make my skin look as perfect as K-Pop idols’? ###

7 thoughts on “Etude House Makeup Demonstration

  1. How much is the price in Indonesia? It’s quite cheap here so many people use it. We haven’t tried but just wonder about the price.🙂 BB is good but not that dramatic. 저도 써 봤지만….;; ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 그래도 좋은 것 같긴해요.


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