Water Park

Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom Mekarsari, Bogor, West Java

Yesterday my family and I went to a water amusement park. But I didn’t swim. I just sit and read by the pool, all day long.

It was fun. It felt like summer. Pools, water, children in swimsuits, the heat, beef-and-sausage crepes and iced cola.

Even though it’s always summer here because this is Indonesia.

What’s interesting is people can swim in the swimming pools fully-clothed, even in outfit like these Muslim women. This country is awesome.

Only in Indonesia. Maybe.

You know you’re in Indonesia if you see this.

I didn’t bring my Korean book (the English book I ordered from Book Depository had just arrived so I read that) but I listened to K-Pop songs in the car so I’d say it counted as “immersion”. ###

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