My Favorite Japanese Podcast: “Time Machine-Bu” (タイムマシン部)

If you’ve ever searched for listening materials in Japanese on the internet, you’d know that there are tons of free Japanese podcasts by amateur podcasters. I don’t know if “amateur” is the right term because even though they’re not paid for doing it, but the quality of their work are as good as professionals’. As expected from the Japanese. They really strive for perfection.

There’s this one podcast called “Time Machine-bu” (Time Machine Club) , that I’ve been listening to for years. I’m embarassed admitting that I listen to it because the DJ often use “shimoneta” (=dirty jokes). Read about them on Japanese Wikipedia.

Here they are, on iTunes: タイムマシン部G –

This episode is so funny. Shirai-san went alone to an amusement park to meet Hello Kitty. : 第8回「ハロー!キティさん!」2013年3月28日 22:58

But, shimoneta aside, Shirai-san is really funny. Usually he tells about things that happened to him that week, his childhood, and his hobbies (he’s an otaku) and for the entire one-hour program his AD (assistant director), Kasahara-san will laugh at Shirai-san’s story. Basically, in the podcast, listeners can hear Shirai-san’s funny stories and Kasahara-san’s laughter. That’s it.

They make fun of the fact that they don’t have real jobs. They do part-time jobs and do stuff they like: forming an indie band, acting in theaters, becoming extras on TV shows, making videos for NicoNico Douga (something like Japanese YouTube), etc.

(Hmm… I think in Korean they will be called 백수.)

Ryo Shirai's Twitter profile picture.

Ryo Shirai’s Twitter profile picture.

Shirai-san often tells he gets depressed because he can’t even get an ordinary job like normal people, but he tells it in a very funny way. He tells listeners about funny things he experiences because he’s painfully shy around people. He says he is introverted and shy around people, but he becomes an excellent radio DJ when he’s with his friend, Kasahara-san.

To me they’re really successful people. They simply do what seem right to them at the moment, and laugh away at what other people call as hardship. What an amazing way to live life.
Anyway, their podcasts are really entertaining. That’s why I keep waiting for a new podcast every week. I even searched for their old podcasts that I missed (they’ve been doing this radio podcast for 5 years, and I started listening 3 years ago).

I love their podcasts so much. They’ve been an important part of my life and I’m very grateful for that.

Kasahara's Twitter profile picture.

Kasahara’s Twitter profile picture.

Yesterday, I finally mustered up the courage to follow them on Twitter and thank them for their work.
And guess what, I got RT-ed by Shirai-san and Kasahara-san, my most favorite radio DJ and radio AD in the entire world, and I’m super happy!!!

So I’m keeping the tweets here in my blog.

Wait, now I remember they also have writers behind the scene, Yarukinashio-san and Sekiguchi-san. And there were female DJs at some point, Ebata-san and Chihiro-san. Thank you, all Time Machine-Bu members! I love you, guys! 大好きです!! 사랑해요!! ###


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