Learning a Foreign Language (외국어를 배우는 것)

A good read on how to learn foreign languages. ###

Korea-Canada Blog

Since a lot of Koreans travel abroad for study, and many of them come here, to Canada, I have a lot of Korean friends who are international students. Some of the most common questions I get from them are things like: How are you so good at Korean? (Even though I think I’m not) How do you study? What’s the best way to learn English? Do people feel like I’m a burden to them because sometimes when I speak English it doesn’t even sound like English?

I want to address these questions today and share my 비결 (secret/key) with you.

So first question: How are you so good at Korean? How do you study?

I’m really not that good at Korean, but I’ll tell you how I study. I’ve been studying foreign languages ever since I was a little girl and if you want to improve you need to constantly…

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