Funny Japanese Podcast: Time Machine-Bu (タイムマシン部)

I blogged a few days ago about my favorite Japanese podcast, Time Machine-Bu(タイムマシン部).

Shirai DJ and Kasahara AD of Time Machine-Bu, re-tweeted my blog and  they thanked me for blogging about them.

Shirai-san even tweeted that he used translation machine (maybe Google Translate) to read my blog post.

How sweet of him! I’m deeply moved by his effort to read my not-so-good English. I really can’t believe that he would be that nice. I thought he would ignore me and thought nothing of me as merely another fan who doesn’t even live in Japan. But he really read my blog!

So, in the last week episode, Shirai-san told listeners about the day he and Kasahara-san went to a showroom for classy apartments, and Kasahara-san felt a little down and he couldn’t go back home to his rugged apartment where there was no water and gas because he couldn’t afford to pay the bills. As always, Shirai-san told it in a such hilarious way that I couldn’t help but laughed.

At the same time, I became a little sad because I lived in Tokyo, too, and I can’t imagine how one can endure living there without heater and water. If I were in his shoes, I would be miserable. Suicidal, even.

But according to Shirai-san, after the incident, Kasahara-san finally laughed and said something along the line of “it’s all fine as long as I don’t die. I have no problem about it, because the only important thing about a home is that I could survive.”

I couldn’t bear the thought of my favorite people having such a hard life so I tweeted to Shirai-san. “Is it true that Kasahara-san doesn’t have gas and water in his apartment? You know what, if you put a PayPal button on the blog, I’m sure your listeners would give donation so Kasahara-san can lead a normal life. Please don’t get angry with my advice. Forgive me if I’ve offended you. Please live a long life!”

Shirai-san retweeted my tweet, and 2 other fans did, too.

Shirai-san replied,”We appreciate your concern but no need to worry, Kasahara-san says he’s having fun with his life like that.”

Another fan tweeted,”And finally, a relief effort from abroad to rescue Kasahara-san”. LOL.  Their fans are just as hilarious.

So for many years they’re doing their podcasts, they never try to monetize their effort. No “donation, please” button. No “buy this stuff to support us”. Nothing. Not even income from Google Adsense. They just give generously all these years, without expecting monetary gain from fans. Isn’t that amazing? And Kasahara-san and his ability to live happily even with no heater and water at his own home? What is he? A very enlightened man or something? A saint who is half pervert and half baldy?

I thank them for being such an inspiration for me. I probably won’t get to see them in person in this short life, but I feel very lucky to know Time Machine-Bu via the internet. At first, I started listening in order to maintain my Japanese, but I end up learning so much more from them.

Here are the list of their podcasting blogs where you can find their old podcasts… I mean, where I can find their old podcasts. As you can see, I’m a huge fan.

And their latest podcasts, of course: タイムマシン部G updated every Tuesday night.

Please be advised that they contain explicit jokes so if you’re easily offended, you might want to avoid listening to them. But then, you also need to have a very good Japanese listening skill to understand Shirai-san’s fast speech… so…

Anyway, I hope that someday Time Machine-Bu will have their “big break”, that they will make it to the Japanese mainstream entertainment industry somehow because they’re really that awesome. Seriously, even podcasts by Japanese comedians are not as  funny. I myself had stopped searching for new Japanese podcasts to listen to ever since I found them. With Kasahara-san on his side, Shirai-san is truly a gifted storyteller. Japanese people better start taking notice of this talented duo. ###


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