I Can Think In Kanji

kanji written in japanese kanji

Kanji written in Japanese kanji (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m memorizing 4-letter idioms (사자성어) because I feel like doing it.

And then I realize something.

I can think in kanji.

I can remember the 4 kanji used in the idiom, and read it in Hangul, without reading it in Japanese on-yomi (because the idiom doesn’t exist in Japanese).

Wow, I didn’t know I could do that.

For example, this idiom: 見物生心 (견물생심)= wanting something after seeing it.


I remember the Korean idiom in its kanji form but I don’t read it Japanese way because it doesn’t exist in Japanese.

So that’s what happens if you learn Japanese for 15 years: you’ll be able to think in kanji, and read it in Hangul when you learn Korean. ###

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