I Finished Memorizing 4-Letter Idioms

ScribbleYesterday I memorized all 4-letter idioms from the book Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners – Advanced Level – English version, published by Yonsei University. I feel smart. Haha.

There are 40 idioms in the book, divided into 4 sub-chapters so you can memorize them in 4 days, 10 idioms each, and do the exercise questions at the end of every sub-chapter. I think it’s great that the questions give more sample of daily conversations where the idioms can be used.


The book doesn’t provide the 한자 hanjja (Chinese characters) so you will have to look them up on Naver Dictionary. Or get a book about 4-letter idioms that give a more detailed explanation.

I don’t think you can memorize 4-letter idioms without memorizing the Chinese characters, so I think you should learn the Chinese characters with the idioms. It’s really fun. So they have this one concept of thinking squeezed into 4 characters and you get to find out about the concept by analyzing each Chinese character.

And then you get to talk to yourself using the idiom, for example, you can say, “Hmm… can this BB cream really make my skin look like SNSD? I don’t know, I feel “ban-shin-ba-ni” about this.” (半信半疑, 반신반의 = half suspicion, half trust).

It’s fun.

BB creamI really enjoy memorizing words. *What a great find about myself.*

By the way, the reason I memorize 한자성어 is not only because I want to get the TOPIK certificate but also because 한자성어 is often used in rap lyrics. ###

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