How To Find Podcasts in Korean on iTunes

  1. Download and install iTunes for your computer.
  2. Access iTunes Store.


    “Podcast” Library.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Change the language of your iTunes.


    “Podcast” Library.

  4. Now choose South Korea (대한민국), because you’re looking for popular podcasts in South Korea.
    Choose your country or region.

    “Podcast” Library.


    “Podcast” Library.

  5. There you go. Popular podcasts in South Korea. Download some to listen to in your spare time.

    “Podcast” Library.


  6. For example, this is Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio podcast page. Because everybody loves Super Junior.
    Super Junior's Kiss the Radio

    “Podcast” Library.


  7. Or just search any keyword that you like. For example, I’m into the rookie hip-hop group “방탄소년단” (BTS) right now, so I search”방탄소년단” on iTunes to find radio podcasts with BTS boys as their guests.
    That’s all. Have fun! ###

8 thoughts on “How To Find Podcasts in Korean on iTunes

  1. I love listening to Super Junior’s show, it’s so easy to understand (most of the time) and the guests are really funny! 장기하의 대단한 라디오 is another good one. Koreans are always recommending 컬투쇼 to me but I find it too hard to understand, haha! Maybe one day!


    • I hope someday my Korean will improve so much that I can say Sukira podcasts are easy. Thank you for the recommendation. I will search for 장기하의 대단한 라디오. I was hesitant about 컬투쇼 because even though the show is popular, the file size is huge (over 100MB). I’ll try download one episode even though I might not understand a word. 감사합니다.


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