Things I Want to Talk About

Saturi Book

I found a saturi (=dialect) rap song by BTS boys on YouTube.

It’s really hard to find information about saturi to translate even one word. I don’t even know what dialect this is. I think Busan?

Coincidentally, I found a new language textbook on Busan dialect, with an audio CD, has been published in Japan, written in Japanese, of course. I haven’t ordered it because I wouldn’t have time to master a new dialect which I think will feel like studying an entirely new language. Right now I prefer to focus on TOPIK preparation but it’s good to know the book exists if I need it.

High Cut in Japanese

TwoChois ( sent me High Cut magazine with Yunho of TVXQ on the cover as a free gift with my last purchase. And today I found out that the very first edition of High Cut Japan has been published with the same picture on the cover.

A Reply from My Favorite Author

Cover of "Raising Our Children, Raising O...

Today I got a reply on Facebook from my favorite author Naomi Aldort for a personal message I sent her 2 years ago. I’m happy because I’m such a huge fan. Her book “Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves” is the most important  book on parenting I’ve ever read. It has literally changed my life and for that I’m really grateful. I found out that her book has also been translated into Korean: 믿는 만큼 성장하는 아이. (

Aldort wrote an article on her website about her view on the “Tiger Mother”, Amy Chua, and if you’re a parent I recommend you to read it: (

Learning Log

I’ve memorized 40 proverbs in Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners – Advanced Level. The book doesn’t give word-by-word transliteration, so it’s impossible to understand and memorize the proverbs without Naver online dictionary. I’m still doing the exercise questions on the proverbs. Hopefully, when I finish, they will finally stick in my head. ###

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