Book Recommendation for Starters who Barely Know Korean Language (Hangeul).

Check this book recommendation for beginners from twoChois’ blog. “Hello Korean with Jun Gi Lee” seems interesting. ###




we are going to introduce and recommend some books for basic learners who barely knows Korean language.

Please find your current status first.

1. I’m like a baby. I can speak Annyeonghaseyo(안녕하세요) but I cannot read or write the word.

– We recommend you to start with the books containing how to read/write Hangeul.

– If you click the picture of the book, product detail page of our store would be opened.

You can see the preview images of the book.

A. Korean Made Easy – Starter


This book teaches you how to write and read Hangeul.

It’s like english version of Hangeul learning book written for Korean children.

When you complete this book, you can move to higher level of this book series.

Korean made easy Starter -> Korean made easy for beginners -> Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life

All written in English.

B. 열린한국어 입문서

원본 글 보기 796단어 남음

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