Let’s Learn Standard Pronunciation with KBS Announcers

I got tired with my TOPIK preparation textbooks.

And I started to freak out about how weak my listening comprehension skill is.

The solution?

I bought a new textbook. For listening skill training.


KBSの韓国語標準発音と朗読 改訂版

It’s Japanese translation of this Korean book: KBS 아나운서와 함께 배우는 한국어 표준 발음 바르게 읽기 which is a book published to teach native Koreans about standard Korean pronunciation.

In the Japanese version, there are 36 listening materials in audio CD consist of short stories, weather report, letters, radio programs,essays, poems, etc. read/recited by KBS announcers. A great variety in one book. About 2-4 minutes each. I think the book is great for listening practices, “shadowing”, and dictation. There are 3 CD included in the original edition, but only 1 CD in the Japanese version. Maybe the original book has more material in it?

A story about 9-headed monster.

Left: Korean. Right: Japanese.

I bought the Japanese one because I wanted the Japanese translation. Without translation, there’s a higher possibility that I will just leave it collecting dust on the shelf.

The book has 30 rules of standard pronunciation as appendix. For me, this part is really important and worth the price of the book by itself.

Oops… but if you buy the Korean edition, it will be written in Korean not in Japanese like this. ↓

So there's a rule about it.

So there’s a rule about it.

In the script in the book, there are pronunciation guide in hangul, typed in blue fonts, under certain words that undergo change in pronunciation. And they put little blue short lines above the syllables that you’re supposed to read with long sound. For example, 냄새 (=aroma) is pronounced [냄:새] (with long sound between the 2 syllables). 없었다 is 업:썯따. And there is a long sound in the word 했다 (=did). Surprise… surprise…

A lot of discoveries, including a lot of new vocabulary words, even though I only have studied 2 out of the 36 listening items.

Memorized these today.

Memorized these today.

I’m not there yet, not even close, but it occurred to me that maybe I can stop learning Korean and consider myself fluent if I can understand all the listening material in the book without reading the script.

공부 열심히 하겠습니다. (=I’ll study hard.)###

Let’s Learn Standard Pronunciation with KBS Announcers”에 대한 6개의 생각

  1. Thank you for introducing this one 🙂 I’m considering buying the Korean-only version as a present for myself once I have completed another Sogang level and my hanja book 🙂 with my study speed these days that might take a while, though… :-S


    • Thank you for your comment. I’m working on this book and I love it. I think it’s great for level 5 and above. The CD is great, each unit is difficult, but short enough to give you sense of accomplishment very soon, and you won’t get tired in the middle like when reading a long novel, for example. You can use it to train yourself to understand long sentences. The book will still be there when you finish, so don’t worry. 🙂


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