About Shadowing

Listening actively in order to do “shadowing” is really different from just listening passively because you have to listen closely, imitate, and understand what you “shadow” at the same time. It forces your brain to be fully alert and think only in Korean. Shadowing is an excellent training method regardless of your level.

Try to “shadow” a news in your own language for fun sometime! You will notice that it’s very easy to “shadow” a language you’re good at. It’s a self-training method I did when I worked at a radio station as announcer (in Indonesian language). For 6 years.

As for shadowing Korean; it will improve your listening comprehension and speaking skills, and it will get easier as you have more practice and improve.

You’re actually doing something similar to it when you sing karaoke with K-pop songs. You read hangul lyrics, sing (speak Korean), and try to understand the lyrics at the same time. It’s really good to develop your Korean brain. And you’ll have fun because you love K-pop! Who doesn’t? 😉

Wait… Shadowing… Shadow? Isn’t that the title of a new song from BEAST?

I love it. I’m buying the album later when the Indonesia edition is out.

The lyrics here. English translation by Pop!gasa here.

OK, then. Happy shadowing! (?) ###

About Shadowing”에 대한 2개의 생각

  1. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ이럴 줄 알았어요! ^^the moment I saw the title ‘Shadowing’ I was just hoping for “because I’m Shadow shadow shadow………”

    I learnt shadowing when I was in uni learning Japanese. However, I think it’s very important for the language you’re shadowingㅋ has to be at an even pace, enough for your brain to comprehend and then copy it.

    I’ve had instances where the audio I was listening to gets too advanced and quick till the only good that came out of it was pure mimicry, as opposed to actually processing and repeat out of understanding about what you are saying when you repeat. Perhaps it would help in intonation even if you tune out mentally, but still I find that it works the best just at the point where you find it almost too fast to keep up, but still followable.


    • I think for every body, at first, shadowing will feel like it’s too fast to keep up. No need to get it 100% perfect every time. It’s great if you understand 100% as you shadow and you will if you keep practicing. But following only intonation is OK, too. I enjoy imitating Korean by shadowing but I don’t make myself frustrated if I don’t get it right.


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