My Purchase at twoChois

I ordered 2 Korean textbooks at twoChois ( I
chose registered airmail for delivery (the cheapest one) and it
took 11 days from South Korea to Indonesia. I obsessively
checked the status of delivery every day. And it’s finally here!

Package from KoreaThere’s a letter of invoice attached to the box but it seems that customs or post office didn’t bother to open it at all.

Let’s open the box!

Everything is packaged nicely.

Everything is packaged nicely. Hand-written message enclosed.

twoChois gives great care in packaging. A little too much, I think. Everything is wrapped twice, very neatly. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if they put my books in the box without any plastic and bubble wrapping.

If you look at how much care they give to books, you can be sure that they will take really good care of your goods if you use their other service: Special Order.

Here is the book that I ordered because I think I need to train myself to write in Korean for TOPIK writing section. This book is for intermediate level.

TOPIK 쓰기 작문완성 (TOPIK writing intermediate level)

TOPIK 쓰기 작문완성 (TOPIK writing intermediate level) $13

And this is a bilingual book (Korean-Japanese) written by a Japanese and a Korean authors. It’s an essay about interesting things that the Japanese author experienced in her daily life in South Korea, how Korean people and culture different from Japanese and useful Korean expressions. I think it will be an interesting read.

내겐 너무 매운 한국

내겐 너무 매운 한국 (私にはとてもカライ韓国) $16

Both books weren’t available at the store so I emailed my request to twoChois. They made the books available at their site really quickly.

Next one is “거침없이 한국어 1”. This book is a free gift to review on my blog.

거침없이 한국어 1

거침없이 한국어 1

It’s a Korean textbook for intermediate level learners and above. It’s written entirely in Korean. The lessons are based on a sitcom drama: 거침없이 하이킥. It comes with a DVD  (without subtitles). I’ll use it first before I blog a review, and if I like it I might get myself the entire series (거침없이 한국어 2 and 3). It seems promising, though.

First Look magazine... or tabloid?

First Look magazine… or tabloid?

I got a First Look magazine with 효연 on the cover as a free gift. I was surprised that they sent me this. The magazine was kind of ruined because it was rolled up… like 김밥. But hey… it’s free!

볼펜, ballpoint pen

I’m always happy to get a new pen, especially the one made in Korea.

This red-and-blue pen is also a free gift. There’s a small print which says MADE IN KOREA on it.

And as if all those free gifts weren’t enough, they also sent me this… the best one of all:

B1A4 4th Mini Album 이게 무슨 일이야?

B1A4 4th Mini Album 이게 무슨 일이야?

B1A4’s latest mini album: 이게 무슨 일이야 (=what on earth is happening?).

When twoChois was having a promotional campaign (maybe now it’s over) in which they sent free K-pop CD to their customers, they offered to send me one (for being a good customer?), so I chose B1A4. Y(^_^)
They also told me I could order any K-pop CD at real price (정가). ###

16 thoughts on “My Purchase at twoChois

  1. I love looking at people’s twoChois hauls!! I just recently ordered stuff from them as well~ I loved it all! 😀 Can’t wait to blog about it when I finish setting up ^^ I got the same pen and tabloid as well 🙂 Except my pen is black and blue! I didn’t know it was a double pen though ㅎㅅㅎ


  2. Glad you received books. Pen and tabloid was special gift for customers who placed orders while we were having a vacation. 🙂 sorry for the tabloid packaging. It was actually used as buffer material;(미안해요. 다음엔 꼭 깨끗한 걸로 보내드릴게요) Free CD promotion is ended now as you guess. ^^


  3. Wow, such a treat! I don’t know if ‘congratulations’ is the right expression here, but I completely recognise the joy that comes with receiving such a package 🙂 happy studies and writing 😀


  4. Wow!!! Twochois service is really wonderful and professional. I’m waiting for the parcel from Twochois and I am so eager that I keep checking the status from the tracking number continuously.


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