How I Ended My Relationship with Honto

Since I lost my 50-dollar worth books shipped from Honto ( with airmail, I still purchased books from them but I learned my lesson and used EMS for shipping, and everything went well between us.

But last week, suddenly I got notification from Honto that my credit card gave them error so they couldn’t send my order.

Later I used the same credit card to buy an e-book from Honto and the payment got through just fine.

So there’s nothing wrong with my card. But maybe it’s because Honto charges the shipping fee separately, after the payment of the books, on their own, and my credit card company won’t allow it anymore for security reasons.

I asked Honto whether there are any other way to pay for the shipping fee, maybe put the shipping fee as a “merchandise” so I can pay it on the site, but they said no. As expected, because I already know they’re not flexible.

About the e-book I purchased at Honto… the fonts are too small and the book is totally unreadable on my computer. I tried to use the 拡大鏡 tool but the fonts don’t become smooth and clear, on the contrary the fonts look even more awful, but in bigger size.  拡大鏡を使ってみても文字がギザギザになって読みづらいです。 Bad. Bad. Bad. Unreadable.  (I bought a Korean textbook:しっかり身につく中級韓国語トレーニングブック – CDなしバージョン ). I’m annoyed because the e-book cost me 1680 yen and it’s unreadable. I could have used the money to buy a K-pop CD. I complained about it to Honto, and they said they don’t provide any support for customers living outside Japan. I can’t return the e-book and get my money back, either.Reply from Honto

I finally made up my mind to end our relationship.

If I can’t pay for the shipping fee that means now I can’t purchase anything from the store. And if Honto’s e-books are unreadable on my computer, I really have no reason to stay in this relationship.

I loved Honto. I wanted it to work out so bad, but things just don’t work out between us. It’s just too hard for me. 너무 힘들어요. Honto, 안녕…

I’m just describing my experience with the Japanese store here. I don’t think Honto is a bad online store, no, it’s really reliable and safe. I hope we’re clear about that. ###


4 thoughts on “How I Ended My Relationship with Honto

  1. You’re right, your credit card company probably didn’t allowe second access to honto. You simply had to call them to tell them to allow the second access !
    I had almost the same problem with another japanese website and what I tell you worked for me.


  2. Hello again,

    I just see your other post about honto, telling that foreigners shouldn’t buy on it. I have to say I bought to them two or three times before they become honto (I bought to bk1) and it was OK. Not wonderful but OK.
    In my opinion, the problem comes from your custom.

    About ebooks, you should try to bypass antipiracy by removing DRM. You can easily find some methods on internet. Maybe it will work, maybe not, because I’m not certain about the diagnostic.
    Maybe hangul isn’t well recognized by your e-reader or the format (epub?) isn’t fully compatible, I don’t know.

    So, good luck


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