Feeling Stuck


By Tim Bradshaw – Flickr

A few years ago, I watched a scene from a Japanese drama. The main character, a girl, was listening to a portable audio player with a headphone. We could hear what came out of her headphone. First, a Japanese phrase: “konnichiwa”. And then, a French phrase: “Bonjour”. The girl murmured the word to herself,”Bonjour”. Next, “konbanwa”. “Bonsoir”. She murmured, “Bonsoir”. And she was doing all this while doing her laundry.

I was in awe: so that’s how you learn a foreign language!

The scene left such a deep impact on me that whenever I feel stuck in learning Korean, I reenact it. I will listen to a Korean audio file and parroting Korean from it, until the feeling of “being stuck” goes away. ###

Feeling Stuck”에 대한 3개의 생각

  1. This scene sounds so familiar. I think I’ve watched this drama before. o.o This reminds me that I need to practice my Japanese intonation again. 😄 It was okay, but then I stayed on Korean for a while so now I have a Korean accent wth orz


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