FIESTAR (피에스타)’s A-HA! Korean Lessons

Learn slang words with girl group “Fiestar” on YouTube. Don’t forget to turn on caption for English/Japanese subtitles.

In lesson 1 they teach you the meaning of “daebak” (대박) and situations where you can use it.

Lesson 2. 득템 (deuktem)

Lesson 3. 떡밥 (tteokppap)

Lesson 4. 짤 (jjal)

Watch the whole play list of Lesson 1- 13 on YouTube.



7 thoughts on “FIESTAR (피에스타)’s A-HA! Korean Lessons

    • I think so, too. These videos are uploaded for publicity but I appreciate their effort to explain Korean slangs to foreigners. Never heard of Fiestar before. Cute. So I guess I can say these videos are 피에스타의 입구짤?


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