Korean Picture Book

왕호박과 괴물의 대결

왕호박과 괴물의 대결

I finished reading this picture book this morning:

Title: 왕호박과 괴물의 대결
Author, illustrator, translator: 스탠 베렌스타인,잰 베렌스타인 글,그림 / 서창렬 역
ISBN-13: 9788990449634
ISBN-10: 8990449634
Price: about 4 dollars at YES24Indonesia
Number of pages: about 30 pages

Thanksgiving Dinner

Inside the book

Inside the book

Inside the book

Inside the book

It’s a book for children age 6 to 9. I thought it was an EASY read and finished it in one sitting, but when I checked my flash cards, there were 65 new words for me. >o<

Was it EASY then?

65 words! Was it EASY then?

I’m loving the flash card app on the dictionary on my cell phone! Really helpful for memorizing new words. Search > save as flash cards > review. Now I don’t have to make flash cards at another separate place (Anki or Quizlet).

Flash card app from my Diodict dictionary (free version)

Flash card app from dictionary on my cell phone

I love the sense of accomplishment of finishing a book. Lately I’m getting tired of learning Korean from advanced level material. Reading children books really boost up my confidence. I think I’ll order another one for next month. ###

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