[Apply Now] The 14th Book Review Lucky Draw Begins.

It’s a great book to self train your Korean listening skills! Enter twoChois Lucky Draw to win it! ###



포스팅이 너무 늦어져 죄송해요.

다들 잘 지내셨나요?

제13 회 Lucky Draw에 많은 관심을 보내주셔서 감사합니다.

For the first time, we had to filter out applicants to be fair for other applicants who satisfied all the conditions being a applicant on lucky draw.

Hope we would not filter out applicants on our following lucky draws.

This week we prepared a book for intermediate learners especially on listening skills.

Book Info.


Korean Listening Skills_Practical Tasks for Intermediate LearnersAuthor : Jae-hee Cho, Mi-nam Oh Book page : 136 pages Supplement : Audio CD

ISBN: 9788959957927(8959957925) Size: 182x257mm

About This Book
‘Korean Listening Skills’ is designed for intermediate level of Korean learners to enhance their listening ability. This book consists various listening tasks using authentic materials on practical topics.

• The learners can consolidate each topic through speaking exercises in the < Preparation > sections and reading and writing in the <…

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