[Korean Audio Book] 구연 동화

들어도 들어도 재미있는 구연 동화
값 9,800 원
(총 70분, 20편 수록 CD포함)

This is a colorful picture book for Korean children, which contains 20 stories. It comes with a 70-minute audio CD so you can have the stories read to you by voice actors, with sound effect and background music. Recommendable for intermediate learners.

I thought I’m done with children storybooks but the CD included is really good. I stored the audio files to my LG phone. I learned many new words, improved my listening skill, and I had fun shadowing the narration.

Listen to sample audio on YouTube:

The video is an introduction for a mobile phone app, but the audio and the story is taken from the very same book.

This book is also available at twoChois and YES24Indonesia. ###

구연 동화

구연 동화

Audio CD

Audio CD


The Three Little Pigs

Rabbit and Turtle

Rabbit and Turtle

The Sun and the Wind

The Sun and the Wind


The list of stories

Other books in the series.

Other books in the series. There are also books for poems and children songs.


8 thoughts on “[Korean Audio Book] 구연 동화

    • I know what you mean. I don’t normally read children books for my own pleasure, either, but I do read to my children, not in Korean, though. Somehow it’s easier to remember new vocab from children books because I’m thinking if children know these words, I must know them, too.


  1. Reblogged this on twoChois and commented:
    Korean Vitamin posted a review on 들어도 들어도 재미있는 구연 동화. This book is originally written for Korean children but it would be helpful to improve your Korean language skill. 🙂


  2. Sorry, can I ask you which mobile dictionary app (Korea – English) I should use? And I wonder the one you use in the picture 😛

    Please ease my curiosity 😀


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