Bought “Yonsei Korean 5-1” on

Yaay... it's finally here!

Yaay… it’s finally here!

I finally received the books I ordered on yesterday.

They arrived late than usual.

twoChois read my blog post about it, and they promised to file a search request to the post office in South Korea if I didn’t get them. twoChois never cease to amaze me with their wonderful service.

I eagerly opened the package and was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t any bubble wrapping this time, just one layer of plastic. I prefer simple packaging for books. Less garbage. Less hassle. More environmentally friendly. Or something.

I ordered 2 books: Yonsei Korean 5-1 and its workbook. They both come with audio CD. I listened to the CD, they’re good.

What's so good about Yonsei Korean textbook?

Yonsei Korean 5-1, the main textbook

The Yonsei books are huge, A4 size. Printed on glossy paper. The main textbook is full color but the workbook is black and white.

People say Yonsei Korean series is not really good for self study, and now I can see why.

To be honest, I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with this type of textbooks when I was learning basic Korean.

But I got these Yonsei books now because I’m trying to teach myself advanced level grammar. For advanced level, not many textbook choices available out there for self-learners.

Because I want to take the advanced level of TOPIK, I figure I need to practice making my own sentences, which I never did, so I hope these Yonsei textbooks can help me practice writing. But now I’m not so sure.

The workbook

The workbook

We’ll see whether I can make use of these books or not.

Well, if I can’t, I’ll just get the advanced level books of Ganada Korean series.

Next, free gifts from!

Aside from fast shipping and prompt replies to your e-mails, twoChois team also gives you little surprise gifts with purchase. Look what I got this time!

Kim Hyun Joong on High Cut tabloid

Wet Kim Hyun Joong

High Cut tabloid, with Kim Hyun Joong on the cover. I don’t think you can get this tabloid for free anywhere else. I love it. Native material is important when you learn a language.

I also got this, which is the best gift ever: a book written by a Japanese illustrator 이마제키 이즈미 (今関いずみ): 미루쿠 사마의 좌충 우돌 한국 체험기 (みるくさまのどたばた韓国体験記). The memo says it’s a used book, but looks as good as new.
I think they’re being extra generous with me. I’m touched by the thoughtful gifts.


Korean version of ミルク様のドタバタ韓国体験記

I found the Japanese edition on Amazon Japan.

It's a bilingual comic book (Korean-Japanese). Wow! I love it!

Wow! It’s a bilingual comic book (Korean-Japanese). I love it!

이 만화 책 정말 마음에 들어요. 너무 감사합니다. I like the comic book so much. Thank you, twoChois!

I’ll finish the comic book first before I start working on the Yonsei books. ###

I'll study Korean with these!

I’ll study Korean with these!


12 thoughts on “Bought “Yonsei Korean 5-1” on

  1. I think you should buy Yonsei 5.2 too because on the last pages of Yonsei 5.2, there are listening scrips for the Yonsei 5.1 and 5.2. I think you will buy Yonsei 5.2 anyway, so why don’t you buy Yonsei 5.1 and 5.2 at the same time to save the shipping fee?


    • Thank you for telling me. The listening script is there, in book 5-1, so no worries. Maybe the newer edition is revised a little? I haven’t decided whether I’ll get 5-2, or not. I have my eyes on Ganada Korean and Ewha Korean, too. ^^ Customs in Indonesia charges 30-50% taxes for goods above $50, so it’s either I pay for the taxes, or more for the shipping fee. I’d rather pay for shipping fee than trouble myself with custom taxes.


    • Thank you for reading it. For Korean textbooks published by universities, level 1&2 is for beginners or basic level, level 3&4 is intermediate, and 5&6 is advanced level. twoChois store is great, they always give something extra.


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