Korean Textbooks I Bought on Amazon Japan

If you like shopping for Japanese books, like I do, you should at least check Amazon Japan for preview pages and customer reviews before you purchase them. (http://www.amazon.co.jp). And then you can shop elsewhere where shipping fee is cheaper, maybe.

Amazon Japan ships with DHL. It charges handling fee as much as 1,900 yen per shipment (to Indonesia/Asia), and 300 yen per book. Last week I ordered 3 books, so the shipping fee was: 1900 + (300 x 3)= 2,800 yen. Had I ordered the books on Neowing, the shipping fee with EMS (Express Mail Service) would be only 2,100 yen (for 1,2 kg). Both are trackable shipping.

But there are books that are available within 24 hours on Amazon Japan but only available 1-3 weeks after you order on Neowing. For shipping to Indonesia, DHL (on Amazon Japan) is also 2-3 days faster than EMS (on Neowing). So even though the shipping fee is more expensive, Amazon Japan is still my no. 1 favorite place to order for Japanese books.

Opened and resealed for custom purposes. Ugh...

Opened and resealed for customs purposes.

My books are intact.

The books are wrapped tightly to a cardboard so they won’t move around inside the box.

Books that I bought:
-a Korean language textbook/workbook for intermediate level, with CD,



-a bilingual essay book (Korean-Japanese, of course), also with audio CD (narrated by the author himself)

ハングルエッセイ 秘密にしていた話

ハングルエッセイ 秘密にしていた話

-a book on practical advice on learning foreign languages written by a Russian language professor who speaks dozens of languages.



Just looking at the books makes me happy but obviously I must read them.

Just looking at the books makes me happy.

You can also shop in English on Amazon Japan.

Click "In English" to display the site in English.

Click “In English” to display the site in English.

And don’t forget to check their help pages on the bottom.

"Help" on the bottom of the page.

“Help” on the bottom of the page.

Amazon Japan charges the highest for shipping fee, but it is fast, reliable, you can cancel at the last minute before order is shipped if you change your mind (I do this often. I’m bad), and you can even return purchased goods and get full refund, no question asked (but I never tried it from Indonesia, I did it accidentally in Japan once. The delivery man returned my order to Amazon Japan because I was never at home). ###


4 thoughts on “Korean Textbooks I Bought on Amazon Japan

  1. I was looking around on Amazon Japan recently too and then you make this post. XD I was stuck between buying from Neowing or Amazon.jp, but after reading your post I think I’ll go with Amazon. I was browsing around mainly for novels and looking at reviews… in Japanese… orz Haven’t found anything yet, but hopefully I will. I’m not sure if many novels are written with furigana since well… they’re novels. I’d hate to finally get a book and go :DDD then go D: because of the amount of kanji I’d need to search up.


    • Neowing and Amazon both are good bookstores. If I were you, I would go and see real books at Japanese bookstore, like Kinokuniya. I remember novels at young adults corner (junior & senior high) have furigana above difficult words. Or maybe you’d consider Japanese version of English or Korean novels you’re already familiar with? Maybe Japanese graded readers or Read Real Japanese series? Hope you’ll find books you like. By the way, I bought some Korean books that were way beyond my level and then soon I got frustrated and stopped reading. But a year later, when I try to read them again, they’re not that hard anymore. Maybe it doesn’t matter whether you finish a book or not. Maybe it doesn’t matter what you read. Maybe the act of trying to read something everyday which is important.


    • I’ll definitely try Kinokuniya and probably ask someone about the novels they have (hopefully there’s some avid reader or someone studying the language orz). I was thinking about the Japanese graded readers, but they’re expensive for no reason. ;-;

      You’re right. The act of trying is definitely important. If I pick up a novel that’s too difficult I can always come back to it when I’ve learned a bit more. It’ll encourage me to pay more attention to compound kanji and the different ways they can be used. ^.^


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